CLEANCOOK is excited to announce the arrival of a new alcohol stove: the Comet stove. The new compact portable stove is designed to have the same efficiency and quality concept as the Nova models but with value in mind. The Comet stove is made so that it can either be delivered fully assembled or in various knock-down stages. Parts can be shipped cost efficiently and local assembly can be managed with simple tools, even in off-the-grid locations. Local assembly is critical in reducing not only product cost but also expenses related to shipping and importation. This can also spur local economies, providing livelihoods opportunities for communities and marginalized groups.
While the Comet stove uses the same innovative fuel canister of the Nova stoves, the new stove has a different canister position. After fuel refilling fuel canister can be inserted from the stove side in up-right position while pot is still placed on the pot support, allowing the stove to be refueled quickly.
CLEANCOOK is hopeful that the price point and potential for local assembly will enable clean cooking to be more accessible to lower income families and penetrate new markets.